Triathlon Cycling And Run Coaching

Dr. Stephen Clouthier races as a  triathlete and coaches triathletes, cyclists and runners. Stephen has an extensive background as an athlete (college volleyball player) and is highly-educated in all things sports-related. He has been Team Chiropractor for Team Green Addidas Olympic Development team.  He is himself a 6 time Ironman Finisher, Silver All World Athlete and qualified for USAT Duathlon Nationals in 2015. Stephen’s professional background and triathlon history make him uniquely qualified to help holistically coach athletes to their highest potential.  Stephen has been coaching since 2012 and has helped triathletes reach their goals at each of the different triathlon distances.  He has also coached runners, swimmers, and cyclists to bring out their single sport potential.


USAT Level 1 Certified Coach
Ironman Certified Coach