Neuroemotional Technique

Neuroemotional technique, more commonly referred to as NET, is a technique that focuses on the connection between the body and the mind in order to alleviate conditions related to stress. It is centered around the idea that the body’s response to stress is not only emotional, but physiological as well. This means that stress can change neuronal chemistry, as well as neurological, vascular, and muscle tone. Therefore, stress can be manifested physically. 

NET is similar to applied kinesiology (AK) in that it uses muscle response testing as a guide to areas in the body that are affected by stress. NET practitioners believe that a muscle will remain strong, until the individual thinks of something unsettling. At this point, the muscle will become weak, signaling that thought is a source of stress. Simply stated, NET uses the physical muscle behavior to tap into the subconscious mind and its congruency or non congruency with ideas, emotions and events. 

NET on Grey’s Anatomy

The two scenes below of Grey’s Anatomy give a great depiction of a NET session. Of course the situations and emotions will vary with each person.

Dr. Clouthier realized early in practice that many problems with the physical and emotional body were caused by emotional imbalances from trauma and stress. After suffering a personal loss, Dr. Clouthier experienced the healing power of NET for himself. Once he experienced the dramatic healing and balancing effect of this technique in his personal life, Dr. Clouthier became certified and highly accomplished in the use of NET for his patients.  Dr. Clouthier believes that choosing to use NET is one of the most powerful choices you can make in your healing process. NET is both a diagnostic and treatment tool for helping both physical and emotional imbalances that get “stuck” within us.