How Does Functional Nutrition Therapy Work? 


Functional nutritional therapy takes its focus away from the illness and focuses on the person instead. Every person is unique; therefore the underlying causes of symptoms may not always be related to illness. For some people, it’s related toot their gastrointestinal tract and what they eat daily for food. Any problems with the person’s gut […]

What is a Holistic Approach to Mental Health?

Physicians Observing Body For Holistic Health Vector

The concept of Holistic Health is commonly misunderstood. To many, the term brings up ideas of avoiding medication and traditional forms of care. Nothing could be further from the truth. Holistic health practices involve treating the entire individual, with every aspect of their health considered. Modern medicine and medication are a common part of holistic […]

Understanding Cold Laser Therapy And How It Can Help

Cold Laser Therapy

Injuries that produce inflammation and pain can significantly impact our quality of life. Working with healthcare professionals can provide access to treatments that reduce these symptoms. Cold Laser Therapy is one form of treatment that has seen increasing use in therapeutic settings. Another term for this form of therapy is Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT. […]

Understanding Acupuncture And Neurological Treatment

Woman receiving acupuncture

Chinese medicine contains many unique treatments that have become accepted by the FDA. These treatment methods, such as acupuncture, are often used as complementary medicine alongside more traditional Western treatments. Acupuncture has found its place as an approach for treating various neurological disorders. This use has been supported by significant amounts of research showing its […]

The history of acupuncture in modern medicine


The practice of acupuncture traces its roots to ancient China. The first records revealed facets of acupuncture present in their medical culture a few centuries before the Current Era. Evidence of the practice can be traced even further to nearly 6000 BCE. This evidence appears in the form of finely sharpened stones and bones that […]

The Neuro-Emotional Technique In Modern Medicine

There’s a long-standing philosophy of medicine that the health of the body and the mind are intertwined. Over the past several hundred years, ongoing research into medicine has supported this philosophy. This has led to it transitioning from a simple philosophy to one of the cornerstones of medical fact. Some of the first indicators were […]

How You Can Benefit From Massage Therapy


Whether you’re a seasoned advocate of receiving massage therapy or are new to it, there are many benefits you can receive from this treatment. It’s common for even avid massage therapy patients to be unaware of how these sessions can help improve their overall health. This isn’t unusual given that multiple forms of massage therapy […]

How Massage Can Ease The Strain of Stress

Massage Practitioner

Stress is an element we all deal with in our lives. While we may be better or worse at managing it, it’s an unavoidable consequence of a busy life. Smartphones are a mixed blessing when it comes to the effect they have on our lives. They make some things easier and more straightforward. They also […]

Common Tools Of The Chiropractic Trade

Chiropractic Tools

It’s a common belief that all the work a chiropractor does is performed with their bare hands. The truth is, like any medical practitioner, there is a range of equipment they can use to help provide care. You may not expect to discover just how diverse their toolkit is. We’re going to introduce you to […]

Effective Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing pain that begins in your lower back pain that radiates throughout your buttocks, knees, and legs, it could be sciatica. Sciatica is a neurological condition that can produce powerful and debilitating pain. This condition is common enough that 10-40% of all people develop it within their lifetime. The source of this pain […]