ACL Injury? You’re Not Alone

Man Exercising Holding His Knee Due to ACL Injury

You’re not the only one if you tore your ACL. Males and girls, young and old, professional or amateur players in almost every sport, frequently get ACL injuries. Even while most ACL injuries are painful and can end sports careers, it is still possible to live a complete life after suffering one. ACL Injuries Don’t […]

Acupuncture For Pain Management: How Does it Work?

Woman Getting Acupuncture in the Neck Area

Acupuncture is a form of healing art from the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For countless years it was discounted by traditional Western medicine, and the practice of it in the US was largely unregulated. In 1971 a journalist named James Reston returned to America following their time in China and had an article […]

What is Dry Needling, and Why Do We Use It?

Woman Experiencing Dry Needling Treatment

Physical therapists and other qualified healthcare professionals use the dry needling method to address musculoskeletal discomfort and mobility problems. It is almost always employed as a component of a broader pain treatment strategy, including massage, exercise, and other methods. During this procedure, a practitioner inserts thin, sharp needles through your epidermis to address underlying myofascial […]

How to Improve Your Range of Motion

Elderly Man Experiencing Leg Pain

Range of motion is an oft-cited concern for patients, especially those getting on in years. While many of us try to keep ourselves able to move freely, many need to learn how to do so effectively. If you’ve been struggling to improve your flexibility or feel like you’ve stopped improving, we can help. Struggling to […]

Wellness-Based Treatments For Migraine Sufferers

Wellness Based Treatment

With or without medicine, alternative migraine treatments can help you lessen symptoms. People with severe migraine migraines are frequently treated with prescription drugs. However, there are other choices accessible. Natural cures may also provide you with comfort. Numerous complementary therapies can lessen headache symptoms or stop migraine attacks. How Wellness-Based Treatments Help Migraine Sufferers at […]

The Use Of Holistic Psychiatry In Treating Mental Health

Person Achieving Mindfulness in Nature

Recently, more people have started to follow holistic practices in their lives. “Holistic” means that all components of a larger entity are related and can only be treated or evaluated with the entire entity in mind. When applying this to medicine, holistic practitioners consider their patients’ physical, mental, and social factors in determining the cause […]

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic in Holistic Health Care


Physical therapy and chiropractic care can be combined to treat chronic pain. Physical therapy shares many of the same goals as chiropractic care, whether your injury is from an accident or another source. Using both treatments simultaneously can provide the most optimal treatment plan. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are used when medication isn’t enough […]

How Holistic Care Compares to Functional Medicine

Array of Alternative Health Treatments on White Background

In the medical field, there are two popular forms of medicine. Holistic medicine focuses on physical, mental, and emotional needs. Functional medicine creates individualized treatments to treat the underlying cause of illness. Holistic and functional medicine are similar, yes, but they’re also unique. The question, however, is what those differences are.  How Holistic Healthcare Compares […]

How Holistic Care Works And How It Benefits You

Holistic Health

There’s been a lot of talk about holistic medicine over the last few decades. However, it’s common not to know what it is or how it works. To look at something holistically is to consider the whole of it and how all its parts interconnect and relate. This means observing all aspects of a patient’s […]

What is Holistic Healthcare?

Woman Doing Yoga in Park

The World Health Organization, or WHO, states at the start of its constitution that health is about the physical, emotional, and social aspects of well-being. This prelude demonstrates the belief in holistic care from the beginning. What is holistic care? It is a method of healthcare that addresses physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health […]