How A Kinesiologist Aids In Treatment

Knee stretch

Kinesiology is an area of medical science that focuses on human movement. Kinesiologists explore performance, management, and prevention principles. They often work in orthopedics, biomechanics, and sports medicine. Treatment is performed through various rehabilitation methods, conditioning, and strength exercises with the goal of building wellness and health. This form of therapy is applied to treat […]

What Kinesiology Is And How It Helps


Focusing on improving your overall health is essential whether you’re in the prime of your life or your golden years. It doesn’t matter whether you’re casually enjoying a book in the library or spending your spare time jumping out of planes; we’re all wanting to enjoy our life to the fullest. Receiving Kinesiology care can […]

Allergies, Hypersensitivity, and Your Immune System

Woman with allergies

Allergies are among the most frequent chronic health conditions worldwide. They are particularly prevalent in those with a family history of allergies. Food allergies, eczema, hay fever, asthma, and hives are all conditions that can be caused by, or aggravated by, allergies. Allergy symptoms can present as mild, such as sneezing as itching, or serious […]

Exploring The Benefits Of Acupuncture

Woman got an acupuncture

There are two essential parts of extended medical treatment. The treatment needs to work, and we must stick with it long enough to see results. No matter what we’re pursuing, from weight loss to strength gain, persistence is what matters. The same can be said of receiving acupuncture treatments. Your first visit is just the […]

Active Release Therapy And How It Helps

Active Release Therapy

Our soft tissues are meant to be pliable and flexible. When these tissues become bound by scar tissue, it can be the source of significant discomfort and mobility issues. Active Release Therapy (ART) is an approach to treating these tissues to allow them to release and move freely again. Doing so helps to ease symptoms […]

Ultrasound Therapy and How It Helps In Chiropractic Care


Ultrasound is among those technologies that have exceeded its initial intended use. Primarily developed for providing new imaging techniques, ultrasound has found multiple roles in different forms of therapy. The sound waves produced by the ultrasound device have been found effective in treating numerous medical problems. Their ability to treat conditions related to the musculoskeletal […]

Biofeedback And Its Role In Kinesiology

Doctor checking muscular response

Kinesiology is a term that’s been getting more airtime these days. It refers to a study of human movement and its various components. The root of the word kinesiology is kinesis, a Greek word that means “to move .”Multiple fields of study fall under the umbrella of kinesiology, including neurology, physiology, biomechanics, and more. Kinesiology […]

Are Detoxes and Cleanses Safe And Effective?


One popular concept found online regarding health and wellness is detoxes and cleanses. These practices have often been suggested as good ways to lose weight, eliminate toxins, and promote overall health. There are several commonly suggested ways to do a detox or cleanse. One question that often goes unasked is whether these techniques are healthy, […]

The Essential Role Of Vitamin D In Our Diet

Vitamin D in Sand

As the daylight hours get shorter and the nights get longer, getting enough Vitamin D can be a bit of a trick. Getting enough of the proper minerals and nutrients is essential during the entire year. Vitamin D, however, becomes especially hard to get during these cold winter months. Our bodies can naturally produce Vitamin […]

The Keto Diet: How It Helps (and Hurts)

Keto Diet

The Keto diet has been a popular option for those seeking to lose weight for many years now. It really hit the peak of its popularity when it was known as the Atkins diet. There are many people reporting significant outcomes resulting from going on Keto, and you may be tempted to jump on that […]