What Makes Up Holistic Medicine And How It Can Help Your Health

Holistic Medicine

When medical treatment and care strives to combine all aspects of a person, including their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health, it is said to be holistic in nature. Holistic medicine works with patients to help them find balance in all areas of their lives to achieve whole-self wellness and optimal health. Practitioners of holistic […]

Unveiling The Facts About How Yoga and Meditation Reduce Chronic Pain

Woman doing Yoga by a mountain lake

There’s been a lot of talk about yoga and meditation over the years, with equal amounts of hype and solid data being released about it. While it can be hard to substantiate some of the more esoteric claims around this practice, studies have revealed that there is concrete evidence of certain benefits it provides. Understanding […]

Food Additives And How They Can Effect OUr Health

Plate of Food Additives

Food additives are a reality of modern living, and we can find them in almost every food we pull off the shelves. These additives provide different benefits to the food they’re found in, adding flavor, extending shelf-life, or just improving its overall appearance. While all of them have been approved for use by the FDA, […]

How Your Emotional Health Impacts Your Heart Health

Woman self-soothing and easing stress

The English language is full of phrases speaking to the effect that our emotions can have on our health. Consider for a moment “I was worried to death” or “Scared the life out of me,” for instance. While these phrases are largely mere turns of phrase, anyone who’s ever experienced heartbreak knows how physically painful […]

These 8 Pillars Of Holistic Health Will Keep You In Balance

8 Stones Representing Pillars of Holistic Health

When the term health comes to mind, most of us define it as the absence of sickness or disease. While this is certainly a valid definition, a holistic approach to the term involves a more comprehensive approach. There is more to our health and wellness than simply avoiding the flu and other physical ailments. Holistic […]

How To Grocery Shop While Keeping Holistic Health In Mind

Selection of Healthy Foods

Heading the grocery store, for many of us, is a mad dash of impulse buys, skimming a list, and a focus on convenience. Quick snacks, the sale of the week, frozen meals, and canned foods all end up filling our lists as we try to get in and out and have enough to eat that […]

How Empathy Plays An Important Role In Medical Care

Empathetic Sharing

There was a period of time in medical history where compassion for our patients wasn’t emphasized and was sometimes seen as an impediment to making proper care decisions. As studies of empathy in medicine have continued, it’s been revealed that it actually plays an essential role in the delivery of effective health care. Not only […]

Discover the Principles Behind Holistic Health Care

Holistic Medicine Logo

Holistic healing has existed for many years, but it’s only recently that the term has been finding common usage among patients. This is partially the result of a rising habit of doing the bare minimum to keep our health in check rather than focusing on the health of our whole body. This habit isn’t restricted […]

How Your Holistic Doctor Can Help Improve Your Health

Doctor holding words Body/Mind/Soul

It has been increasingly evident as our understanding of our bodies grows that our health is part of a deeply integrated and interrelated system. When something is going wrong with one system within our body, it affects and is affected by the other systems in the body. This interconnectedness means that the symptoms of some […]

Ways To Address Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Flare-Up

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition faced by people all over the world, and its frequency is growing due to the nature of the modern working environment. One common cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pressure applied to the wrist when typing without a resting pad. This pressure impacts the median nerve that runs through […]