Birkman Life Assessment

The Birkman Method is a favorite personality and career assessment of those experienced in the industry because it paints a richer picture of an individual.

Just like how TV screens have varying resolutions – standard definition, high definition, 4K – personality  assessments have different levels of detail as well. Birkman is at the far end of the spectrum, giving the highest level of insight into the motivations, perceptions, and behaviors of a person.

Birkman is the premier advanced assessment because it uncovers and interprets more data about behavior, motivations, and personality. Birkman feedback is presented in a way that is user-friendly and easy to segment. If you’re primarily interested in one element of an individual’s personality, you can focus on just that element of their report.

Here are a few ways that Birkman is different:

  • The only assessment that measures underlying Needs – the support you need from others and environments to be your most effective self
  • Combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment – for a greater understanding of a person’s ideal fit within an organization
  • Examines personality and perceptions in a social context – promotes greater self-management and encourages mutual respect among colleagues

Because The Birkman Method is so deep reaching, we’ve developed a training program for those wanting to interpret our advanced Signature Suite of reports. For those looking to experience Birkman at a starting level, we’ve also developed Birkman Basics, a suite of the most popular Birkman reports.

Over 60 Years of Proven Validity & Reliability

The Birkman Method assessment was first developed in 1951 by Dr. Roger Birkman, and since then millions of people around the world have enjoyed personal and professional growth from its feedback over the decades.

Longevity of Data

The Birkman Method has stood the test of time, and we have seen how its feedback has been reliable for behavioral insights across generations of assessment takers.

Volume of Data

Through providing millions of assessments and reports, we’ve seen consistency that crosses all demographics with statistical soundness.

Loyal Users

There are consultants that have been using The Birkman Method for 30+ years. Why do they stay with us? Because of the positive impact the assessment has for clients.

Refinement & Growth

Birkman has always placed a premium on scientific validity and innovation. The Birkman assessment administered today is the work of decades of research and development.

Limitless Uses for Individual & Team Growth

Your Birkman feedback will impact every relationship in your life by allowing you to understand how your motivations, behaviors, and perceptions are unique to only you. This profound self and interpersonal knowledge has countless applications to home and work life.

We’ve segmented five Core Applications:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Talent Selection
  • Career Exploration

Each of these Core Applications has many applications that fit within it. For example, leadership transitions, high potential development, executive coaching, and succession planning all fit within the Leadership Development category.

Birkman feedback can benefit every stage of the employee lifecycle. Companies across all industries – as well as non-profit and faith-based organizations – successfully use Birkman to develop their human capital.

Dr. Steve Clouthier uses the Birkman Life Assessment to help patients balance themselves holistically and align themselves for Health Success and LIfe Success !!