Pain and CBD: Do Patches Help?

CBD has been growing in popularity as marijuana becomes legal in more locations throughout the United States. CBD has been legal in the majority of states for quite some time, but the rise of its source plant’s legality has made it more popular and more well-known than ever. If you’ve ever considered trying CBD to manage your pain, it’s likely you’ve wondered about its efficacy and what the best method may be for imbibing this substance. While there are many ways one can take CBD, we’re going to focus on patches as a convenient method of administering it discretely.

What Are CBD Patches?

Transdermal patches are a well-known technology for the gradual and consistent administration of medication through the skin. One popular use of transdermal patches is as an aid in smoking cessation accomplished by gradually administering nicotine to the patient. The gradual administration of nicotine makes it easier to break the smoking habit. CBD Transdermal patches follow the same principle, gradually administering CBD to aid in the control of pain over an extended period of time. While CBD can be consumed in drinks, food, or inhaled, many patients prefer patches as a convenient delivery method.

How Effective Are CBD Patches?

These Patches directly administer CBD into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and allowing it to immediately set to work. These patches are thought to be superior to other methods as there is no waste of CBD when it gets directly administered. Additionally, using patches ensures that you’re receiving a consistent and measured amount, something that can be problematic for other topical choices. Massage oil and CBD cream are examples of these other options. The one drawback to using CBD in a patch is the relatively slow transition through the skin. For this reason, patches often contain a substance that helps increase the permeability of the dermal layer. This allows a more significant amount of CBD to pass through the skin quickly.

Will CBD Patches Help With My Pain?

CBD is well known among its advocates for its ability to reduce and control pain. While further research is being conducted, initial findings indicate that there is reason to believe it is medically effective for this purpose. Recent changes in legislation have made further research easier to achieve, and so far the results are promising. One known effect of CBD is its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a common source of pain and discomfort, so this ability makes it an effective pain reducer in these cases.

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